Graduate Internship

The internship experience provides opportunities for graduate students in either counseling, social work, counseling psychology, or clinical psychology graduate programs, at the masters or doctoral level, to develop and practice clinical counseling skills in an “in vivo” counseling setting. Through these experiences, graduate students develop by integrating knowledge and counseling skills into their work with clients under careful direction and supervision provided by graduate program faculty and on-site supervisors.

Interns complete specific experiential and supervision requirements established by licensing and accrediting bodies.  Ximena E. Mejía, Ph.D., LMHC, directs internship training and supervision of graduate student interns.  Ximena has completed supervisory training and has fulfilled State and Licensure supervision requirements. Additionally, she has completed training required by particular graduate programs and works closely with them so that we have a rigorous program and a high-quality applicant pool every year.  Other licensed staff at Parton Counseling provide supervision of graduate interns under Ximena's direction.  Assignment of supervisors is a part of the internship application process and subject to the requirements of the licensure track and graduate program of the intern.

Clinical supervisors are in the role of over-seeing the direct counseling work of the students with clients on site. In this role, they typically focus on the student's interactions with their clients, as client welfare is of utmost concern. To this end, supervisors typically find themselves teaching, modeling, consulting, and perhaps co-counseling with the student. Supervision often shifts among the various aspects of student development, including the development of technical or clinical counseling skills (as appropriate to the site/client needs); learning more generally about human development, individual needs and challenges, and about how clients are a part of the social and family systems that surround them; learning about our higher education, and other institutions that work collaboratively and the process of providing college counseling; learning about appropriate professional behavior for counselors; and, finally, being engaged in continuing professional and personal development.

We are currently accepting applications for the academic year 2016-2017.  Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and a list of professional references to Brian Ashley, MA at

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