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Wind Power

Wind Power

Photo of Wind Power Middlebury’s location in mountainous Vermont makes us a strong candidate for producing renewable, carbon-neutral wind power on campus. From our 10-kilowatt wind turbine that’s been spinning since 2005 to studying wind data at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl to determine if a turbine can be installed there, Middlebury is continually looking for opportunities to increase our wind-power output.

At the Material Recovery Facility

Originated as a project in an environmental studies class and funded from an Environmental Council grant, Middlebury’s 10-kilowatt wind turbine produces more than 8,000 kilowatts annually—roughly equivalent to the annual energy consumption of a home—and provides approximately 15 percent of the electrical needs of the facility.

At the Snow Bowl

In 2006, the Middlebury College Snow Bowl was the first U.S. ski resort to institute carbon-neutral operations across its facilities through offsets from Native Energy.

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