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Middlebury College continues to attract a strong pool of applicants from across the United States and around the world. For the third consecutive year, the College has broken its previous record with 13,297 total applications for the Class of 2027, up about two percent over last year’s total of 13,028. Middlebury’s undergraduate applications have increased by 36 percent over the past five years.

“We feel fortunate to experience another year of high interest and continued growth in applications from a wide range of students,” said Dean of Admissions Nicole Curvin. “The Admissions team is currently engaged in evaluation of another record-high pool of applicants for the Class of 2027 and 2027.5.” 

Applicants for the Class of 2027 include 11,971 regular decision candidates and 1,326 who applied under the first and second rounds of the early decision program. Early decision applications increased by about 28 percent over last year’s 1,039 applications, while regular decision applications saw a slight increase over last year’s 11,913. A total of 516 students were accepted through the early decision programs including the first cohort of QuestBridge Scholars.

The overall class will include 630 students for fall enrollment and 105 who will start in February 2024.

Decisions for regular admissions will be sent to students on March 18.