MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — The first-in-the nation New Hampshire primary is over and the outcome, on the surface, was as expected with wins by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. As professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson explain, the real shock was in the margin of victory for Sanders, who won by 21 percentage points.

What will the Sanders victory mean, if anything, in Nevada and South Carolina, the next states to hold primaries? Sanders is untested in those states that hold a very different demographic make-up than Iowa and New Hampshire. And what will the Republican results in New Hampshire mean for winnowing down the candidate field? Dickinson and Johnson explore those topics and more in this installment.

Dickinson authors the blog Presidential Power and is frequently quoted in the national media. He often live tweets political events at @MattDickinson44. Johnson, also a regular in the national media, tweets at @bnjohns.