MIDDLEBURY, VT. – Hundreds of high school seniors who have been admitted to Middlebury College’s Class of 2020 will visit campus April 18-20. The newly admitted students are invited to attend classes, tour the campus, learn about academic and social offerings, and partake in cultural events.

Dean of Admissions Greg Buckles says, “Preview Days are organized to give admitted students a sense of what Middlebury is like not just academically, but environmentally and culturally as well.” He encourages admitted students and their family members to “feel free to spend one, two, or three days with us. There is a lot to see and do here.”

Activities include meals in Proctor and Ross Dining Halls, drop-in hours at the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR), and a chance to join Middlebury’s own “language tables” where students and faculty are speaking any one of 11 languages other than English, including American Sign Language. There will be an ice cream social, an a capella concert, panel discussions designed just for new students, and panel discussions designed just for their parents.

Representatives from Student Financial Services will be available to answer questions. The Center for Careers and Internships will explain its range of programming, opportunities, and resources. And Middlebury’s leadership and innovation program, MiddCORE, will host an information session.

There is a full listing of Preview Days activities and related information on the College’s web site.

Admitted students are also offered the opportunity to sleep overnight in one of the residence halls with an undergraduate acting as host for the night.

Middlebury College admitted 1,042 students in its regular (March) round of admissions decisions. Combined with students who were admitted early decision, 1,415 students were accepted to the Class of 2020 from a field of 8,820 applicants. Middlebury’s target is to enroll 595 first-year students in September 2016 and another 90 “Febs” in February 2017.