MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Bernie Sanders has won the last seven primary contests, which could suggest a trend if you were to believe much of the news coverage. Not so, say professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson. The reason he’s won so many of the recent primaries is that they have all been in states that are demographically favorable to him. He’ll face a much tougher test in New York, which may be the most important proving ground for the viability of his campaign.

In their latest installment, Dickinson and Johnson also discuss the increasingly hot topic of party unity, looking at signs in both parties that some voters may not support their party’s chosen candidate.

Dickinson writes the blog Presidential Power and is frequently quoted in the national news media. He often live tweets political events at @MattDickinson44. Johnson, also a regular in the national media, tweets at @bnjohns.

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