Slide Show

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — On a picture perfect September evening, faculty, staff, and students streamed onto the quad behind Battell Hall (affectionately known as “Battell Beach”) to celebrate the new academic year with an evening of food, socializing, and music. The relaxed picnic gathered people from all walks of campus life. Large circles of friends sat on the grass while other groups of students tossed a frisbee, and a few hopeful dogs checked the ground for food scraps.

As the sun began to set, several bands started their sound checks on a small stage at the edge of the green. WRMC, the student radio station, sponsored their annual Start of School Music Fest (SOS), which this year featured four bands. Just in time for the music to begin, a full harvest moon rose over Battell Hall, adding some seasonal warmth to the beautiful evening.

Photos by Todd Balfour