MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Generations of Middlebury students have found a convenient shortcut between the upper campus and athletics complex through West Cemetery. Most of them are in a hurry, though, and rarely do they stop to enjoy the historic treasure surrounding them.

Professor of History Jim Ralph encourages students, faculty, and staff alike to go visit the cemetery as a destination rather than just a pass-through. “It’s really worth the effort to stop and examine the stones,” says Ralph. “You’ll see many of the same names that dot the buildings and pathways of Middlebury College.”

Some of the most recognizable names in Middlebury history appear on the memorials, including Painter, Brainerd, Stewart, and Munroe. The markers reflect the personalities and time periods that produced them - some ornate with distinctive iconography while others are much simpler. They range from small, simple stones to a massive mausoleum for the Munroe family.

In this video, narrated by Professor Ralph, photographer Mario Morgado’s black and white pinhole images provide an eerily beautiful atmosphere for a tour of the grounds. This story first appeared in Middlebury Magazine.