Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College Katy Smith Abbott sent the following notice by email to the campus community on Monday, January 9.

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I am writing to invite you to nominate a graduating Feb for the Jason B. Fleishman Award. This award was established in honor of Jason Fleishman, who passed away the day after his February Celebration in 2004.

This award is given annually to a student who embodies the following characteristics of Jason’s life as a model Feb at Middlebury: Feb and college pride, academic passions and determination, excellence in leadership and involvement, a positive attitude, and care for others.

Below you will find a list of students who entered as a Feb in 2013 and will graduate in the upcoming celebration. Please send all nominations electronically to Janis Audet,, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18. Nominations should include a brief summary as to why you are nominating the individual and how they embody the spirit of the award.

This award will be presented at the Feb Celebration Ceremony on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Katy Smith Abbott
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College
Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture
Middlebury College

Eligible Students:
Aicher, Toby P.

Anthony, Zane H.

Baez Pimentel, Yerlin

Baker, Trenton F.

Berkley, Taylor S.

Berry, Rebecca L.

Biette, Elise M.

Brach, Richard J.

Buckley, Meghan F.

Burke, William B.

Cating, Caroline S.

Chia, Davin M.

Chick, Abigail L.

Clapp, Jonathan

Cleveland, Nathaniel C.

Coates-Finke, Rebecca L.

Corbett, Kristin N.

Coughlin, Evan D.

Cox, Sarah J.

Cramer, Harrison J.

Danna, Maggie E.

Deme, Aminata

Dixon, Jacob A.

Doig-Acuna, Maya I.

Duna, Aoife G.

Faber, Jacob M.

Fang, Jialu

Farquhar, Solara C.

Feury, Jake T.

Fields, Emily E.

Fink, Kae E.

Finton, Thomas W.

Follansbee, Kelsey N.

Gagnon, Forest G.

Gedeon Achi, Ghassan P.

Gilbert, Matthew F.

Gimbel, Alexandra K.

Gorman, Dylan T.

Grady, Catherine M.

Gudas, Kathleen K.

Haass, Francesca M.

Haedrich, Caitlin E.

Hand, Jamie C.

Hardy, Spencer P.

Henriques, William S.

Ho, Jovita K.

Holtz, Andrew M.

Hutchinson, August C.

Instrum, Bridget

Jacobs, William P.

Jacobsen, Anna K.

Jessup McDermott, Joseph

Ji, Seiyeon

Johansen, Christian M.

Judge, Miller H.

Kapoor, Rishav

Kinney, Rachel E.

Leist, Erin K.

Leong, Ho Wang Adrian

Levin, Mariah L.

Li, GuoWei

Lovdal, Larson G.

Malik, Nidhi

Mansour, Tariq H.

Martin, Ennissa S.

Mazzolini, Giulia L.

McEathron, Calvin R.

McElroy, Ryan C.

McGarity, Carolina B.

McInerney, Ian G.

Milbury, Corinne L.

Miller, Erin E.

Molloy, Paul David

Moser, James S.

Nisar, Hasher M.

Notman, Anson T.

O’Keefe, Samuel S.

Onetti, Lucas

Peers Nitzberg, Maya J.

Perez, Marissa B.

Pierce, Nellie R.

Potter, Alexander W.

Quay-de la Vallee, Sophia M.

Raith, Morgan A.

Reuther, Katelyn M.

Riddle, Max J.

Rodriguez, Veronica M.

Schneider, Madeline

Shaeif, Kayvon

Shaw, Graham B.

Shen,Sarah Ida

Silverhart, Perri H.

Slater, Aaron R.

Spitzer, Matthew B.

Steiner, Neil P.

Stone, Noah N.

Suomenaro, Matti I.

Swain, Baker S.

Taber, Sage B.

Teach, Elizabeth B.

Tran Linda

Tse, Kit S.

Ullmann, David L.

Vazquez, Cara

Vicks, Emily K.

Viragh, Anthea V.

Walcoff, Wendy E.

Walters, Caroline B.

Wang, Rueiyun R.

Wang, Yanwei

Weatherseed, Katie A.

Weisselberg, Robin E.

Wiggins, Kai S.

Witkin, Matthew J.

Wu, Jialong

Wyard-Yates, Jacqueline G.

Yang, Liuxufei