Academic Affairs invites students to the first-ever All-College Advising Luncheon, which will take place in Proctor Dining Hall on Tuesday, March 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

During the All-College Advising Luncheon, students will drop in for lunch with faculty representatives from their declared (or intended) major throughout regular lunchtime dining hours. Each major will have a table where a faculty member will be present to answer questions. Whenever possible, junior and senior majors will also stop by to talk about their experiences and what they’re studying.

The event is intended to be a fun, easy way for students to get to know faculty in their areas of interest, and to learn more about their academic options prior to registering for fall classes.

Even students who don’t usually eat lunch at Proctor Dining Hall are welcome to join the All-College Advising Luncheon. Tables will be marked with the names of majors, and maps will be available to assist students when they arrive.

This event was designed with first-year students and sophomores in mind, but any interested student may attend. Non-participating students are encouraged to choose Ross or Atwater Dining Hall for lunch on Tuesday, March 21. While some seating will still be available in Proctor Dining Hall, it may be busier and more crowded than usual.

Many people have collaborated to create the All-College Advising Luncheon, including the FYSE Steering Committee, the Commons Heads, the faculty for planning assistance, and Dan Detora and the staff of Dining Services.