MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – On March 2, 2017, Charles Murray attempted to give a talk, which was to have been followed by a question and answer session, in Wilson Hall on the Middlebury College campus. When student protestors disrupted the talk, Murray and Middlebury College Prof. Allison Stanger, who was to moderate the Q & A, moved to a video studio that had been set up for the occasion so that Murray could give his talk with questions to follow by Stanger. Interested viewers submitted questions using Twitter, which preserved some of the interactive nature of the event that was planned.

Murray came to Middlebury at the invitation of the American Enterprise Institute Club, an organization of Middlebury College students.

The video below is of mixed quality. You will hear the sounds of protestors inside and outside the building where the recording was made. The conversation also was interrupted several times by fire alarms set off by protestors in the building. Even with this, a careful watching and listening will allow the viewer to hear Mr. Murray’s abbreviated talk and his answers to the questions asked of him by Professor Stanger.