Jim Ralph, dean of faculty development and research, welcomes people to the annual articles and creative works reception at the Great Hall of Bicentennial Hall on February 27.

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Middlebury College recognized the scholarship and creative works of 70 faculty and staff members, representing 150 distinct works, in a reception at Tormondsen Great Hall in Bicentennial Hall on February 27. The annual event, which featured work completed in 2017, gave the campus community an opportunity to peruse the many works, which were displayed on tables throughout the hall.

This year’s exhibit also included numerous student contributors and coauthors.

“I think that’s a real credit to all of you who worked with students,” said Jim Ralph, dean of faculty development and research, whose office hosted the reception. “I think it’s one of the things that makes Middlebury quite distinctive—the extent to which we engage students in some of the most fundamental activities that we spend our time doing.”

In addition to the many articles and book chapters representing a wide range of academic disciplines, a section of creative works featured 10 faculty and staff members in theater directing, acting, set and costume design, and music and dance performance.

Ralph noted the ongoing importance of continuing to build Middlebury’s community of scholars, intellectuals, and artists. He noted the great success of the first fall faculty forum in 2017 and encouraged the audience to participate in that event in the future.

“Middlebury is one of those rare institutions that excels in both teaching and research and creative works,” said Ralph.

Read the full listing of faculty and staff works honored at the reception here.