MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – The Middlebury College Performing Arts Series has joined Music Accord, a consortium that commissions new compositions in the chamber music, instrumental recital, and song genres. The group’s membership includes top music presentation groups from throughout the United States, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and numerous performing arts series at colleges and universities.

According to its website, the consortium aims to “create a significant number of new works and to ensure presentation of these works in venues throughout this country and, if the occasion arises, internationally.”

Middlebury’s Performing Arts Series Director Allison Coyne Carroll says that the consortium’s membership meets in-person annually. “Members can suggest American composers or performers they would like to work with. Potential Commissions are then guided by an artistic committee made up of three to four partners who rotate every few years.

“This group generates a list of possible projects and then the entire membership is polled to see how much interest there is in various proposals,” said Carroll. “Most projects are green lighted if four or more partners are interested in a project.”

Carroll says she is already working on ideas for new music commissions to help celebrate the Middlebury Performing Arts Series’ 100th anniversary season during the 2019-20 academic year.