Amirah Fauzi ’18 continued her work as a BOLD scholar with an internship at the Pillars Fund.


What struck me the most about this practice was that it emphasized the focus I had placed on minimizing white supremacy throughout my personal life as well. White supremacy’s harmful effects do not stop at Pillars’ theoretical framework. Its effects impact our daily lives from what we wear, to what schools we go to and how we treat one another. Since working at Pillars, I’ve begun reframing my own livelihood from living so that my family’s goal is not to “escape poverty,” but to prioritize living healthy and fulfilling lives every day. It’s also helped me fully appreciate BOLD’s courageous vision to trust their fellows and ask: if white supremacy’s symptoms of scarcity, sexism, and lack of mobility were not present, would we thrive in the non-profit sector?

Yes, we would.

—Amirah Fauzi ’18