The board also named members to additional terms and honored others.

Current trustees Kirtley Horton Cameron ’95, George C. Lee II ’88, Caroline Sneath McBride ’75, Karen A. Stolley ’77, and William F. Truscott ’83 were named charter trustees. Each has served a minimum of five years and now will serve an additional five- to 10-year term, depending on the number of years previously served.

Frank W. Sesno ’77 was named a trustee emeritus.

The board honored outgoing trustees Steven B. Peterson ’88, Elisabeth B. Robert ’78, Linda Foster Whitton ’80, Deborah G. Thomas ’75, and Kim Collins Parizeau ’79, former board chair, whose terms will end on June 30. Various trustees read the board minutes for their outgoing fellow board members thanking them for their service.

The trustees also named three partner overseers: Chuck M. Gately ’62 will serve as a member of the Schools Board of Overseers, John C. Elder P’04 for the College, and Richard Wolfson for the Middlebury Institute. Gately will serve his second term and Elder and Wolfson their first.

The board named six constituent overseers: Varsha Vijayakumar ’20, incoming president of the Student Government Association, and Jami Black, College staff member, for the College; Jaewon Oh ’13, incoming president of the Institute’s Student Council, and Ashley Arrocha, Institute staff member, for the Institute; and Cara Levine ’20, who attended the Arabic School, and Ilaria Brancoli-Busdraghi, lecturer in Italian, for the Schools.

The Middlebury Board of Trustees will meet again Oct. 17–19.