ISO annual show 2019. Photo: Jon Olender

Always a highlight of the fall semester, the annual International Students Organization (ISO) show at McCullough Student Center featured 14 acts showcasing the richness of Middlebury’s student cultures. The ISO show capped a week of events inviting the campus community to enjoy intercultural activities, including a Capoeira dance workshop, Chinese calligraphy, henna and chai, international trivia night, and several food-related events.

According to the student organizers, ISOs International Weekend and the ISO Carnival Show were “some of our efforts to promote and cultivate a strong, open-minded, and critical multicultural community within Middlebury. We see cultural awareness as needing critical engagement—we propose to see with, rather than to look at. It is considering the importance of celebrating identities in ways that bridge difference that we have chosen Carnival as the theme of our first ISO International Weekend.”

Following are highlights from the Saturday evening’s annual ISO show: