MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - The Middlebury Board of Trustees on March 15 approved an increase of 4.5 percent, or $3,420, for annual undergraduate tuition, room, and board charges for the 2022–2023 academic year. The increase will bring the cost for a year at Middlebury College to $79,800, including $62,000 for tuition and $17,800 for room and board. An additional mandatory student activity fee will increase by $20 to $460 to better match expenses and student needs.

Middlebury is one of a small number of colleges and universities that admit students without regard to their financial need or ability to pay, while also meeting the full demonstrated need of those admitted students. As part of Middlebury’s commitment to support equity, access, and inclusion at every level, the College’s financial aid program ensures that many students will pay far less than the full fee. Middlebury provides need-based aid to almost 50 percent of its students, with an average grant of $57,000.

Along with continued requests for additional financial aid, Middlebury and other institutions across higher education are still incurring expenses related to COVID-19, and other costs have increased across the board. Faculty and staff are working to maintain and expand support for students and programs to provide the best experience possible for students. Middlebury’s budget process also takes into account inflation and rising interest rates as well as cost increases for essentials such as providing insurance and competitive compensation for employees.