| by Caitlin Goss, Barbara McCall, and Ashley Arrocha


Dear Middlebury Community,

We are writing to provide updates about the Reproductive Healthcare Policy we shared with you earlier this summer. This policy supports students, faculty, or staff who are unable to access reproductive health care covered under Middlebury’s policies to travel to other states. It does so by reimbursing travel costs for individuals and a support person to receive services in another location. 

Students and employees are eligible to request reimbursement for travel costs including transportation, accommodations, and meals. Members of our community requesting reimbursement should complete this online form and upload related receipts and invoices. No personal health information needs to be submitted. The form results will be reviewed and stored confidentially by the Center for Health and Wellness (for undergraduate students), the Associate Dean of Student Services (for Institute students), and Human Resources (for employees). Please note that all reimbursements are taxable.

Reimbursement requests will ordinarily be processed within 30 days of receipt. Students will be paid via direct deposit or by paper check sent to their campus mailbox or address on file. Employees will be paid via Accounts Payable, and taxes will be withheld from their next paycheck. As a general rule, we expect the travel costs per request to be less than $1,000, and will approve additional funds only in exceptional cases.

Undergraduate students with questions about the policy, reimbursement process, or the request form should contact Executive Director of the Center for Health and Wellness Barbara McCall at bmccall@middlebury.edu. Institute students should contact Associate Dean of Student Services Ashley Arrocha at aarrocha@middlebury.edu. Employees should contact Vice President for Human Resources and Chief People Officer Caitlin Goss at cgoss@middlebury.edu.


Ashley Arrocha

Associate Dean of Student Services

Barbara McCall

Executive Director of the Center for Health and Wellness

Caitlin Goss

Vice President for Human Resources and Chief People Officer