Cheryl Whitney Lower
Kitchel House 205
(802) 443-5798

How did you get to Middlebury? I first came to Middlebury as a student! After graduation, I explored different jobs in academic publishing and higher education, then went to grad school and ended up back at Middlebury working in the Student Activities Office. Next came a 10-year stint at Vermont Campus Compact working on civic engagement initiatives with Vermont colleges and other New England colleges. I’ve been back at the College, working for CCI since 2013 and love working with students on their plans and with my excellent colleagues.

Who do you work with? What is your favorite part of the job? I am thrilled to work closely with students as they make decisions about their next steps – that can be choosing a major, deciding how to spend their time at Middlebury, or searching for and finding an internship that fits their unique interests and pathways.

I am always honored to read students’ applications for summer internship funding; I am constantly inspired by how students are creating their own story as they move through Middlebury and find opportunities that reflect those interests. I also love hearing students’ reflections on what they learned and gained from these experiences.

What is the best career advice anyone has given you? “Dare to be lucky!” A wise person said this to me when I was trying to make a hard decision about leaving a job that no longer was a good fit for me. This statement tipped me into action and allowed me to take a dare and try something new. Sometimes you need to take a leap, stretch yourself, and open yourself to new opportunities (let luck find you) to allow great things to happen. This could be related to classes you want to try, going somewhere unusual for study abroad, or trying out an internship or job that interests you, even if it doesn’t fit others’ expectations! When faced with a decision, break it down into smaller steps. If the decision you make doesn’t feel right after a while, dare to be lucky again — make another decision, change course, and put yourself in a new situation to continue to learn and grow.

What is your favorite campus resource? CCI’s internship funding program! Generous Middlebury alumni give money to the College because they understand the value of supporting students in gaining experience through internships. CCI works with College Advancement to coordinate awarding this funding to students participating in unpaid internships. Internship funding means ALL students have access to experiences that interest them, allowing them to spend one or more summers exploring new fields, gaining skills, working on issues and causes important to them, and contributing to the work of organizations that align with their goals.

Interests/Hobbies: Student development theory, hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, gardening, eating healthy food (Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op anyone?), travel, and when I can’t travel, exploring the world and other people’s lives through good novels.

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Academic Degrees

BA in American Studies/History, Middlebury College
MA in Higher Education: Administration and Student Development, Boston College