Kristen Mullins
26 Blinn Lane, Office 204
(802) 443-5990

My first teaching job, fresh out of college, was simply a way for me to be where I wanted to be. I didn’t know it would become my vocation, a place and practice and thread of meaning, action, and connection. I’ve come to Middlebury after teaching English in Japan; teaching martial arts, self-defense and violence and abuse-prevention in Brooklyn; directing nontraditional job training for women and girls in Winooski, Vermont; and developing safety programs for adolescents working in agriculture. The areas differ, but the meaning is shared – learning has personal and shared value (it can save our lives and the lives of others); and equity, access, and inclusion are our keys to sustainable community. My work at CCE centers on intercultural and global programs and partnerships. Want to learn more (or have an idea to propose)? Reach out anytime!