High school teachers play leadership roles in helping identify conflict and managing student dynamics in and out of the classroom. Through new courses on CT and social change, new fellowships to expand the reach of teacher training, and new investment in the NextGen network, Pillar I seeks to equip high school students with civic skills to understand and address the conflicts that arise in a diverse society.

The link for BLTN is https://www.middlebury.edu/school-english/teacher-network

The link for BLTN NextGen is https://www.middlebury.edu/school-english/teacher-network/bltn-next-generation-leadership-network .

Select projects in 2022

  • New workshops and curricula on conflict transformation at 2022 Bread Loaf
  • Fellowships for NextGen Network teachers and expansion of NextGen core sites
  • Writing and Learning Retreat focused on conflict analysis and resolution


Emily Bartels, Director, Bread Loaf School of English

“The grant gives us an exceptional occasion to learn from and with our Middlebury colleagues in these endeavors, as we dedicate ourselves collectively to creating sustainable, systemic change and building a more humane and equitable society. At this moment, nothing is more important.” — Emily Bartels