Faculty, Fall 2020, Staff, Students

Dear Middlebury Community, 

As students continue to return to Middlebury College this week, we have begun to implement our phased Return to Campus plan, which includes the closure of our campus to the public and nonessential visitors and a period of campus quarantine for all students. 

Campus Closed to the Public 

During Phases 1 and 2 of our three-phase approach, campus will be closed to the general public and visitors, except for essential-service providers authorized by the College. This includes people taking recreational walks through campus and self-guided tours. It’s our hope that as we move into Phase 3, we may be able to allow limited numbers of prospective students to visit campus with protective protocols in place. More information will be provided as our planning evolves.  

The following sections of the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) that cross through College property will be closed to the public and reserved for student use only: 

  • The Red Kelly Trail 
  • The Class of 1997 Trail 
  • The section of the TAM that runs from College Street through the solar panel array north to Weybridge Street 
  • The Knoll

In addition, all other campus grounds and buildings—including the athletics fields, outdoor track, athletics facilities, art museum, library, and all other campus areas—are likewise closed. Please see the campus boundary map. The Ralph Myhre Golf Course will be open to the public but closed to Middlebury students during Phase 1. This will enable us to continue a valued service to the community while ensuring that students and community members stay physically distanced during campus quarantine. 

Student Arrival, Testing, and Campus Quarantine 

Students began to return to Middlebury on a staggered schedule on August 18, and two additional groups will arrive on August 26 and 28. All students are tested upon arrival and then again on Day 7. 

Students whose test results confirm they are negative for COVID-19 then enter campus quarantine, during which they are free to move around within most areas of the campus boundaries, observing all safety protocols such as face coverings and physical distancing. In order to limit exposure in the greater community, students will not be permitted to leave the campus during this time. This period is expected to continue for several weeks. 

Students who test positive on arrival will be moved into special isolation housing where they will be monitored and cared for by trained College staff. 

Families Dropping Off Students 

We also want to remind parents, family members, and others who are dropping off their students on arrival day that they may not come to campus at any time other than their students’ designated testing time. Families who are staying in town must follow Vermont’s travel and quarantine restrictions. Students must remain in quarantine until they arrive on campus for testing and move-in. This means that they cannot walk around town, stop at any businesses, or do anything other than drive directly to the campus testing site on their arrival date. 

Please also note the quarantine requirements for individuals who are staying in Vermont fewer than 14 days.  

We ask for your understanding and support as we work through what will be an unusual start to the year. And of course we look forward to the time when we can welcome the community back to enjoy our beautiful campus facilities.