Dear Students,

We are writing with an update about a change in guidelines for face coverings outdoors that is now reflected on the Campus Status webpage

Effective today, May 21, face coverings are no longer required for students when spending time outdoors, except in the following situations:

  • When you are in a crowded place.
  • When you are unable to avoid sustained or prolonged close contact with others.
  • When you are at approved campus events, including Commencement.
  • When you are working as a College employee.

Face coverings must always be carried in the event that circumstances require their use. Please note that the indoor face covering requirement has not changed and remains in place.

While the prevalence of COVID-19 on the Middlebury College campus and Addison County is currently low, some students and community members will prefer to continue wearing face coverings outdoors. We ask that you support one another during this transition period and respect one another’s decisions.

Please note that College employees are required to wear face coverings while working indoors and outdoors at this time, according to Middlebury’s workplace safety protocols. We will be reviewing these guidelines and will provide more information soon. Students working on campus are expected to follow guidelines in place for the department where they are employed.

Thank you for your continued work to keep our community healthy and safe, and the very best of luck with finals.


Derek Doucet

Dean of Students

Mark Peluso

Chief Health Officer and College Physician

Jen Kazmierczak

Director of Environmental Health and Safety