| by Dan Detora

Spring 2021, Students

The following email was sent to students returning to campus from Dan Detora, executive director of Dining Services, on February 12. If you are a returning student with special dietary needs who has not yet replied to this request, please do so at the email address noted below. 

Dear Students,

Just a reminder, if you have not already sent in your specific dietary needs for the initial quarantine period this spring please do so today and send to the Dining Services emails at – dining@middlebury.edu.

The Dining Services team wants to make sure you have the appropriate meals delivered during the this period.  Planning time is essential for us, as we need this information to support your needs in the best way that we can.  A quick email to dining@middlebury.edu would be greatly appreciated.  Please only respond if you have a special diet, food allergy or are vegan/vegetarian.

Please reply to this email as soon as possible with responses to the bulleted lines below.

  • Name on Registration and preferred name if applicable:
  • Dorm / Room Number:
  • Arrival Date:
  • Special Dietary Request and/or allergy:
  • Do you have a refrigerator in your room:
  • Do you have a microwave in your room:
  • Do you have an electric kettle:

On campus rooms will be stocked with beverages, snacks, and utensils prior to your arrival for the initial room quarantine period. Providing us with this information will determine what items we place in your room.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dan Detora

Executive Director of Dining Services