| by Dan Detora

Dear Students, 

First, I am happy to announce the dining halls will provide regular dine-in service from the start of the spring semester. We will continue to allow students to eat in dining halls and retail locations, just as we did through winter term. 

Second, starting Monday, February 7,  the Grille will return to normal retail operations during lunch. Students who choose to eat in the Grille will need to purchase meals by using cash, credit card or declining balance. Faculty and staff will be allowed to purchase to-go meals as well.

Finally,  this past fall Dining Services struggled with students not returning the reusable to-go containers to the dining halls.   As a result, we are moving back to the old carabiner system that was in place in 2018.  

This program will begin starting Monday, February 14and works as follows:

  • Students who would like to participate should visit MiddExpress and put down a deposit of $5.00 for a Middlebury Dining carabiner. Dining Services will accept cash, credit card, or declining balance for this deposit. If a student needs multiple carabiners, they can buy as many as they would like with a $5.00 deposit for each one. Carabiners will be on sale starting Tuesday, February 8.
  • Take that carabiner to Proctor, Ross, or Atwater and exchange it for a reusable to-go container.
  • Students may use the container for food to-go.
  • Students should rinse the container, then exchange it at the checker stand of any dining hall for either a clean container or another carabiner token. Containers are washed in Dining Service’s industrial dish rooms.
  • Students may repeat this process for as long as they wish to use the to-go program. 
  • To receive their deposit back, students can return a carabiner to MiddExpress. They will receive their $5.00 deposit back on their declining balance only.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to serving you this spring.


Dan Detora

Executive Director of Dining Services

Middlebury College