| by Mark Peluso

Faculty, Fall 2020, Staff, Students

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I write to let you know that a Middlebury College employee has tested positive for COVID-19. Our colleague is recuperating in isolation and is doing well. At this time, transmission risk to students and coworkers is considered very low due to the situational circumstances.

The Vermont Department of Health has been informed and has initiated contact tracing. I will provide an update in the unlikely event that further transmission occurred.  

Please respect this employee’s privacy and refrain from speculation about their identity.

Our COVID-19 Testing Dashboard will be updated today to reflect this new employee case.

Any occurrence of a positive case in our community underscores the importance of following the core preventative practices of wearing face coverings, physical distancing, and hand hygiene that have resulted in a low prevalence on campus. Following the College’s personal travel guidelines and state of Vermont quarantine requirements also limits any possible transmission. You can learn more about travel protocols at VT Cross-State Travel.


Mark Peluso
Director of Health Services and College Physician