| by AJ Place and Kristy Carpenter

Fall 2020, Students

Dear Students,

We are writing with some information about campus departure and move-out procedures to help you prepare for the final weeks of the semester. Please be sure to read through this entire email, as we have changed some of our procedures in response to your questions and concerns.

We also have received some questions about the November 10 deadline for notification about spring status and will be sharing more information about that process soon.

Move-Out Date, Dining, and Card Access

As a reminder, in-person classes on campus will end on Friday, November 20. Residence halls will close the following day, and all students must depart no later than 8 p.m. on Saturday, November 21. ID card access to residence halls will be deactivated at that time. Students who have applied for and received special permission to stay on campus will be notified ahead of time and will continue to have access to their residence halls. Dining halls will remain open through dinner on Saturday, November 21.

Move-Out and Pickup

Students will be allowed to have up to two guests come to campus to pick them up. As with move-in this fall, no guests will be allowed to enter any residence halls to assist with packing or to visit. Guests must wear face coverings while on campus, stay with their cars, and follow all Vermont state guidance when entering the state and picking up their student. Vermont allows for contactless pickup if a guest is entering the state from a location that requires quarantine. Guests may not come to campus if they are sick or if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for or who is thought to have contracted COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days.

Please note the following procedures for students, depending on your plans:

Students Not Returning in the Spring

  • If you are graduating this winter or otherwise not planning to return for spring term due to Study Away, study abroad, remote study, or a leave of absence, you must completely move out of campus housing. 
  • Please remove all belongings from your room and leave your room clean and in move-in ready condition for the next resident.
  • Boxes and supplies will be available in residence hall lounges in early November. 
  • Fill out and sign the closing tags posted on your room, suite, or house door before departing campus so Residential Life staff and custodial staff members know your room is empty and ready to be cleaned.
  • Communicate with your residence director (RD) via email if there are any damages to your room or suite, including College furniture, before your departure.
  • Complete the additional steps below under “All Students.”

Students Returning for the Spring Semester

  • To ease the packing process and to plan for the possibility that some students may not be able to return for the spring, all belongings in doubles must be clearly separated and labeled so that it is easy to identify which items belong to each resident. You are responsible for moving your belongings onto your bed and/or your desk and labeling your bed, desk, and side of your room with your name, ID number, building/room number, and phone number.
  • All items in shared suite/house kitchens or common rooms must also be labeled with a student’s name, ID number, building/room number, and phone number. We cannot ensure proper storage of items that are not labeled in the event that belongings must be moved into storage. Larger items, such as couches, tables, and chairs should also be labeled with student information. 
  • In the event that students are unable to return to campus for spring term, belongings will not be shipped for those students who will return to campus for future terms. 
  • Pro tip: Take photos of your items and where they are in your room to easily log what and where items were in case this information is needed for future reference.
  • Bicycles should be moved to and stored in your room, along with your other belongings. In doubles or other shared rooms, you should also make sure they are clearly labeled with your name, ID number, and phone number. No bikes should be left in bike rooms or outside bike racks.
  • Make sure all belongings left are neatly arranged inside your room, are stored away from heaters, and are not blocking access to doors, windows, or emergency exits. 
  • Facilities will be going through all suites and small houses to conduct a deep cleaning of bathrooms, common areas, and kitchens. Please ensure all personal belongings are out of bathrooms and common spaces so custodial staff can clean effectively. 
  • Complete the additional steps below under “All Students.”

All Students

  • Remember to pack all important items (keys, passport, wallet, ID) and anything else you might need and take them with you when you depart campus. We will not be able to go through your belongings and mail items left behind, so please bring anything you might need with you. 
  • Clean your room! Vacuums and cleaning supplies should be available within your building in designated spaces. If you’re unsure how to access them, connect with a Residential Life or Facilities staff member. 
  • Close and lock your windows, and pull down your window shades.
  • Set manual room thermostats in the middle of the range available. (If you have one that shows settings from “snowflake” to “8”, please set it on “4.”)
  • Turn off or unplug all unused and nonessential electric items, including those items in shared suites, houses, or common spaces. 
  • Dispose of all trash, recycling, and compost in designated trash areas and bins. This includes food in personal and/or shared refrigerators. Personal or mini refrigerators should be emptied, defrosted, and unplugged before departure.
  • Because of the extended time away from campus, be sure to take all plants and pets with you when you depart campus. 
  • To maintain the safety of the entire community, including those staying on campus over break, Residential Life and custodial staff will be checking each student room to make sure there are no fire safety violations, hazards, unlocked windows, etc., that could cause safety risks.

Students with Open Spaces in Their Rooms

If you have an open space in your room, or your roommate is departing campus and not returning for the spring, please make sure you leave half of the room clean and in move-in ready condition. Vacuums and cleaning supplies should be available within your building in designated spaces. If you’re unsure how to access them, connect with a Residential Life or Facilities staff member.

Room Changes for Spring Term

All room changes must be completed before you leave campus, where possible. Students approved to move rooms for spring term must move all belongings into their new spring room before leaving campus, coordinating with current residents as needed. If students are unable to move belongings into their assigned spring spaces before departing campus because the spaces will be unavailable or occupied for winter break, students must fully pack and label all their belongings before leaving. Labels should include student contact information (name, ID number, phone number) and the building or room you will be moving to (if room or spring housing assignment is known before departure).

Bus Information 

The Student Government Association is sponsoring subsidized bus transportation that is open to all students. Buses will run from campus to Burlington Airport; New York Penn Station; Ridgewood, New Jersey; and Boston. The buses will be ticketed for 50 percent capacity to allow for private rows and physical distancing. Students should not board buses if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are having any symptoms. Face coverings will be required while on board, and passengers will need to remain in their assigned seats. 

Tickets may be purchased through the Box Office, at go/boxoffice. All reservations are for specific buses, and transfers or late arrivals may not be permitted due to reserved seating and physical distancing requirements. While we will do our best to accommodate student needs, buses will be limited. Please direct questions to boxoffice@middlebury.edu.

Thank you for your attention to these details.


Kristy Carpenter

Acting Director of Residential Life

AJ Place

Acting Dean of Students