Dear Faculty Colleagues:

We write to give you more detail on the spring semester schedule to help you plan your spring syllabi. The key dates are as follows, with the reasoning provided below:

February 2021

24 Wednesday Classes begin fully remotely (Monday class schedule observed)

25 Thursday       (Tuesday class schedule observed)

March 2021

Fully-remote period ends after students receive negative day-7 tests for Covid-19. Please note that it is possible that remote instruction may continue beyond the first week of instruction if the public health situation requires it.

April 2021

8 Thursday         Mid-term break; classes do not meet

9 Friday              Mid-term break; classes do not meet

May 2021

3 Monday          Long weekend break; classes do not meet

11 Tuesday        Spring symposium; classes do not meet

21 Friday            Last day of spring classes

28 Friday            Last day of final exams

We will begin the semester fully remotely while students await day-7 test results for Covid-19 after their arrival in Middlebury. The first two days of the semester will observe a Monday and Tuesday class schedule, respectively, to even out days across the semester. This fall has shown us that working straight through without breaks is not advisable for either students or faculty. The spring calendar therefore includes two breaks: a short mid-term break after 6 weeks of class, and a long weekend break a few weeks later. The Spring Student Symposium will take place Tuesday, May 11, and classes will end May 21. This will allow us to have our normal 59 days of instruction during the spring semester.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope that this fall semester ends well for you and your students.


Jeff Cason


Suzanne Gurland

Dean of Curriculum

Sujata Moorti

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty