Dear Students,

I’m writing with information about our new mandated health-screening mobile app called PolicyPath, which is available to download today. The state of Vermont requires health screenings prior to arrival as well as on a daily basis, and Middlebury requires all students living on campus—or commuting to classes from the surrounding area—to use this app every day. The app is part of the Student Health Pledge that every student must sign before starting the fall semester at Middlebury.

You’ll start using PolicyPath on the first day of your 14-day prearrival quarantine before you return to campus, and you’ll continue using it throughout the semester. Students returning earlier who have already begun their home quarantine should start using the app immediately.

PolicyPath allows you to quickly record your health status, including any possible COVID-19 symptoms, through a brief daily survey. Based on your answers, the app will indicate if you’re approved to return to campus or if you should first consult with health professionals. Your answers will be confidential and encrypted, viewable only by you and Parton Health Services.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Once the PolicyPath app is on your phone, open the app then enter “Middlebury” for your organization code (be sure your phone doesn’t enter a space after Middlebury). Use your Middlebury credentials to log in.

Step 3

  • For two weeks prior to coming back to campus, please answer our set of home survey questions every day.
  • On the day before leaving home for campus, please select and fill in the Prearrival Questionnaire.

Step 4

  • Once you’re in your on-campus or off-campus housing, please answer our Daily Questionnaire every day before leaving your room to ensure that you have been cleared to proceed to class or other campus facilities.

Need Help?

At every step listed above, the app will guide you through the set-up process.

Should you need additional help, please contact the Middlebury Help Desk:

As with many other aspects of campus life this fall, the mobile app will require all of us to adopt new habits in our daily routines. Thank you in advance for committing to this process, for the health of our entire community.


Derek Doucet, Dean of Students
Mark Peluso, Director of Health Services and Campus Physician
Jennifer Kazmierczak, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator

PolicyPath FAQs

What is PolicyPath?
PolicyPath is the mobile app that Middlebury students living on campus or commuting from the surrounding area will use to conduct daily health screenings. A brief survey records whether students have symptoms or have been at risk for exposure to COVID-19 and advises them on whether they are approved for regular activity at Middlebury.

Why do we need this app?
The state of Vermont and Middlebury are both requiring students to use a health-screening app to monitor symptoms and help reduce transmission of COVID-19. The app is part of the Student Health Pledge that every student must sign before starting the fall semester at Middlebury.

How does the app work?
Each morning before you leave your room, you’ll check your temperature, launch the app, and complete a very brief three-part survey. The app will ask you about your symptoms, if any, and your possible exposure to other people who have tested positive for COVID-19. After you’ve completed your survey, the app will advise you on whether you are confirmed to engage in campus activity or should consult with health professionals. During your prearrival quarantine period, the app will show you your progress toward returning to campus.

Are there privacy concerns with my data?
The results of your daily health screening will be encrypted and only viewable to you and Parton Health Center at Middlebury.

What if I don’t own a mobile device?
Middlebury will loan you an iPod touch to do your daily health screenings. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information.