The resumption of on-campus activities does not mean a return to normal operations. No unit or department should increase on-campus activity levels beyond current needs to support necessary on-site operations without approval from their vice president or senior leadership member. Work must be performed remotely whenever possible to reduce employee exposure.

Area managers will develop a staffing plan to determine which employees will continue working remotely and which will be directed to return for on-site work, even if in a limited capacity. Guidelines will be created to assist managers in their workforce planning efforts in conjunction with the Decision Tree to inform their decision making. Staffing plans require written approval from the area vice president or senior leadership member before any employee returns to work on campus. 

Staffing needs will be carefully evaluated to determine how to meet operations in ways that minimize employee exposure. These strategies may include the following:

Remote Work: Those who can work remotely to fulfill some or all of their work responsibilities should continue to do so to reduce the number of individuals on campus and the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. These arrangements, which should be approved by the immediate supervisor, can be done in a full or partial daily schedule as appropriate.

Alternating Days: In order to limit the number of individuals and interactions among those on campus, departments should consider scheduling partial staffing on alternating days. Such schedules will help enable physical distancing, especially in areas with large common workspaces or shared equipment.

Staggered Reporting and Departing: The beginning and end of the work shift can bring many people together at common entry and exit points of buildings. Staggering reporting and departure times can reduce traffic in common areas to meet physical distancing requirements.

Voluntary Reduction of FTE: During this time, staff may elect to reduce their FTE for the remainder of the year, or longer, provided that their manager approves the reduction. Managers should give consideration to the impacts of such a reduction on the workload of the department. Human Resources is available to support managers in making these decisions.