Dierdre Kelly
Service Building
(802) 443-2746

Deirdre Kelly is an ADA Coordinator in the Disability Resource Center.

With over 20 years of experience as an educator and advocate in Vermont’s education and mental health community, her work focuses on equity, inclusion, and social justice. Deirdre is honored to partner with students, faculty and staff to ensure disability access while also working to create a more universally designed campus to reduce the need for individual accommodations. As a queer, white, able-bodied, Irish-American woman her practices toward collective liberation are rooted in releasing privilege and honoring the intersection of all our identities. Storytelling, feminism, restorative practices and centering the lived experiences of those marginalized are fundamental to her work of reimagining and reconstructing a just, joyful world. With that in mind, Deirdre aspires to be a ‘soil agitator and seed planter’.