In the event you are contacted by phone regarding a bomb threat, these steps should be followed:

  • Remain calm, listen and take notes.
  • Remember what you hear!
  • Keep the caller talking while you notify someone near you of the bomb threat call and that they should call Public Safety.
  • If the call is received on a telephone with caller ID display - RECORD THE DISPLAYED NUMBER.
    • Try to get as much information as possible.
    • Bomb Threat Caller Check Sheet (This is an editable document.)
  • Immediately call the Department of Public Safety at x5911
  • Do not discuss the call with anyone but appropriate authority-in-charge to prevent creating unnecessary panic.
  • The Department of Public Safety will contact the Middlebury Police and the Middlebury Fire Department, regardless of the validity of the threat.
  • The Department of Public Safety with assistance from the Middlebury Police will determine the if an evacuation is necessary.
    • Do not sound an alarm.
    • Decisions about the appropriate response procedures will be made by police or college authorities.

If you are told to evacuate because of a bomb threat:

  • Do not re-enter until told that it is safe to do so by either the Middlebury Police or the Department of Public Safety.
  • Do not panic. Exit the building calmly and safely.
  • Do not use a cell phone or two-way radios; radio signals have the potential to detonate a bomb. 
  • Be alert to make a note of any unusual packages that you may observe.
  • Do not touch the package but report it to authorities immediately.