In the Event of Fire or Smoke

  • Pull the alarm (if a fire alarm box can be safely reached). If that is not possible, call 911.
  • Evacuate the building using the evacuation procedures listed below.
  • Do not re-enter the building until told to do so by the appropriate authority (Fire, Police, Department of Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, or Facilities Services).

Guidelines for Evacuation

  • Everyone must evacuate a building when (a) a fire alarm is sounded, or (b) the Department of Public Safety orders an evacuation because of bomb threat or other hazard.
  • On hearing a fire alarm, all occupants will immediately exit the building using the nearest exit and meet in their designated meeting area (the meeting area should be at least 500 feet from the building).
  • Before opening any door, use the back of your hand to see if it is hot. Also check to see if the doorknob is hot. If either is hot, leave the door closed and stuff towels or clothes in the cracks and open a window. Try another exit if one is available.
  • If the door is not hot, open it slowly and be prepared to close it quickly if necessary.
  • In a smoke filled area, keep low to the floor to escape the smoke.
  • If you see or smell smoke in a hall or stairway, use another exit.
  • If the exit is blocked, return to your room, close the door, open a window and call for help.
  • Community members who are familiar with the evacuation procedures should alert others in the building to follow the same procedures.
  • Occupants may need to assist others in exiting the building if this can be done in a safe and timely manner. Notify the Department of Public Safety or the Fire Department of any occupants remaining inside who need assistance exiting because of limited mobility, injury, or incapacitation.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Once the building is evacuated, the Department of Public Safety or the Middlebury Fire Department will check the building for occupants.
  • If there is a Facility Coordinator (person responsible for building, department head, etc.) present, a head count should be done to ensure that everyone has exited the building.
  • No one is permitted to re-enter an evacuated building until the building is determined to be safe by the emergency service personnel. The Public Safety Department will advises that re-entry into the building is permitted.