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Loss Control

Loss control is taking proactive measures to prevent or reduce claims associated with accidents, property damage, injury, etc. The aim of loss control is to reduce the frequency and severity of losses. Loss control is only achieved through the firm commitment of personnel at all levels.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices

In 2015, the Enterprise Risk Management office distributed this memo to faculty, staff, and students to prohibit the use or storage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 product on any campus or building owned or operated by Middlebury.

Travel and Study Abroad

In 2015, the Enterprise Risk Management office distributed this memo to all faculty, staff, and students to encourage Global Rescue registration. Since fall 2011, Middlebury has been requiring individuals traveling abroad with support from Middlebury to register their travel through our travel registration system. While this has not been a requirement for faculty, it has been strongly encouraged. For Middlebury, this allows us to keep track of the whereabouts of all members of the Middlebury community who travel abroad, wherever they are, to facilitate and speed up notification or potential evacuation in an emergency situation. Registration with Global Rescue also provides the following benefits to travelers:

  • Direct access to destination reports that include security and health assessments, as well as a general country overview and local emergency contact information.
  • Mobile device alert notifications for events that are happening in the host country, with expert analysis and advice.
  • Access to Global Rescue in an emergency situation by simply pressing one emergency call button on the app.
  • Ability to “check in” through the app to notify the system of the traveler’s whereabouts if an individual unexpectedly finds himself/herself in an area that seems to be potentially dangerous.

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