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There are currently 22.5 million refugees world wide and yet their stories seem to often be
forgotten. Where are people going? Why are they going? Are their international human rights
being respected? The stories, experiences, and rights of refugees and migrants need to be
respected, heard and understood. In our current geopolitical climate, this is an issue that not
only deserves our attention more than ever, but also our sincere interest and concern. Please
join us to delve deeper into the polemic issue of refugee and migrant rights across the globe
and to hear from a variety of interdisciplinary and personal perspectives.

- Omar Alsaeed ’21, “What is the Real Impact of Syrian Refugees on Europe in Comparison with
the Impact on their Neighboring Countries?”:
- Meredith Tulloch ’18, “Health and Human Rights: The Work of Médecins Sans Frontières in
the European Migration Crisis”
- Natalie Meyer ’21.5, “Refugee Human Rights from a Local Perspective”

Sponsored by:
The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs
Department of Political Science
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sponsored by:
Amnesty International

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