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Many of us first encountered algebra and geometry as two separate and very different areas of mathematics, but the two fields are intricately interconnected. Starting from the basics of Euclidean geometry and elementary algebra, award-winning teacher Emily Proctor highlights the relationship between these fields and shows how algebra is one of our strongest tools for understanding geometric objects and the world around us.

Emily Proctor (BA Bowdoin College; MA, Ph.D. Dartmouth College) has been on the faculty at Middlebury since 2005. Her research area is the spectral geometry of orbifolds, which are generalizations of more familiar objects such as curves and surfaces in 3-dimensional space. In the classroom, Proctor frequently teaches courses on algebra and geometry. She is currently also exploring ways in which mindfulness can help deepen students’ learning experiences.

Hosted by Sarah Stroup, Associate Professor of Political Science.

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