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Trauma and the Brain: How extraordinary events change how we look at the world

Statistics suggest that over 90 percent of us will experience a trauma at some point during our lifetime. How does this affect us? What impact does it have on how we look at the world? In this talk, Professor Kimble will define trauma, look at its effects on the brain, and discuss how these changes might influence how we process information at the time of the trauma and the years that follow. Professor Kimble will share some of the lessons learned and discuss the work he is currently carrying out with students at Middlebury.

Matt Kimble (PhD, Boston University), professor of psychology, has worked as a clinician, teacher, and clinical researcher for the past 25 years. His research on the effects of trauma has been funded by the Veterans Administration, the Vermont Genetics Network, and the National Center for PTSD and has been published over 30 times.

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