The Center for Conflict Studies (CCS) was founded in 2011 by Dr. Pushpa Iyer, a scholar-practitioner in the field of conflict studies and current faculty member.

Conflicts are inevitable phenomena with a propensity to turn destructive very quickly, and are largely viewed negatively. CCS focuses on the study and application of the right tools for managing conflicts and therefore approaches conflicts more positively, as vehicles for change.

At CCS, we advocate for nonviolent change. We emphasize bridging research and practice to better understand and manage conflicts effectively and to change current inequalities and social injustices. This entails acquiring knowledge about the conflict through one’s own experiences and those of others.

Knowledge, we believe, translates into action because from the minute we comprehend, our thought process begins. Even if we choose not to or are unable to exercise our voice, knowledge is empowering. We believe that when human beings reach the point where knowledge brims over, action is inevitable. Our task is to create the space and the resources for knowledge acquisition.

In the words of Dr. Iyer, “Knowledge as action; Action as Change.”

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