As a research center at the Institute, we seek to provide holistic training to our students. To be future leaders of change in this world, our students will learn from a variety of sources. As such, our mission is:

To gather, disseminate, and act upon knowledge gained through:

(a) providing a platform where the voices of all, but especially those of the marginalized, oppressed, and unprivileged, are heard;

(b) exchanging information and ideas between the community of scholars and the community of practitioners working on issues of conflict and peace;

(c)  supporting and participating in individual, community, institutional, and national efforts to end violence and build peace;

and thus, to better manage and resolve conflicts and simultaneously contribute to the furthering and strengthening of the field of conflict studies.


To develop societies in which conditions to prevent all forms of violent conflicts are present and where transformed individual, community, and institutional relationships make peace just and sustainable.


(a) To advocate for nonviolent social change through research and practice

(b) To support and conduct empirical research that furthers understanding of conflicts.

(c)  To support and develop context-specific tools that can be used to manage and resolve conflicts.

(d) To create a network of practitioners and scholars to share knowledge, information, and expertise on conflicts.

(e) To disseminate information gained through research and practice to relevant institutions and policymakers.