The Center for Conflict Studies regularly publishes books, working papers and online publications, such as Reflections and Wandering Thoughts.


We are at the beginning stages of becoming a publishing house of books on topics related to conflict and peacebuilding. If you have an idea for a book, please contact us at for more details on how to submit a book proposal. Our first book, Gandhi’s Gujarat: Vibrant Diversity, was published is April 2013.

Reflections, Quarterly Magazine

Reflections is a quarterly magazine, presenting commentaries on conflicts around the world. Practitioners and academics from the field of conflict studies and other related disciplines provide these commentaries. The first issue of Reflections was published in July 2011.

Wandering Thoughts

Wandering Thoughts is an online forum that provides the opportunity to share and discuss opinions on current conflict issues and events. This forum is a collection of ideas, questions, comments, and viewpoints on our authors’ everyday lives and experiences.

The Pathfinder Series

The Pathfinder Series presents working papers written by affiliated researchers. Each project undertaken by one of our researchers should usually result in a comprehensive and influential working paper that meets the center’s goal to become an invaluable source of information and ideas to be used by scholars and practitioners working on issues of conflict and peace, and to contribute to the empirical foundation of the field of conflict studies. For more information contact us at