by Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson

Dear MIIS Students, 

I’m writing today with an important update about course registration for fall 2020. We’ll publish the new course schedule this Friday afternoon, May 8, and will open registration next Wednesday, May 13.

On Friday, we’ll also send you detailed information about the registration process, so please stay tuned for that.

We’re excited about the new semester, even given the questions around how teaching and learning will take place in this new environment. And I want to highlight one of the new courses you’ll find in the catalogue this fall: “COVID-19: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Pandemic.” Co-created by faculty members Fernando DePaolis, Maha Baimyrzaeva, Paige Butler, Netta Avineri, and Phil Murphy, it will be open to students in all programs. This is MIIS being MIIS, responding to a defining issue of our day, a theme you’ll find across all our offerings.

As President Patton, Provost Cason, and I noted in our letter to the community yesterday, “Never has MIIS felt more crucial as an institution.” Your MIIS education will prepare you to take on the challenges and uncover the opportunities of a world in flux. Your language skills, foundational policy knowledge, adaptability, perseverance, and outlook are needed now more than ever. Of course, MIIS faculty and staff will be all-in to guide and support you.

Given the many uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, we made the choice to open registration for fallcourses later than usual this spring. We’ll keep monitoring the realities of the pandemic, continue our scenario planning, and prepare for different contingencies for the fall. We’ll revisit the course schedule after June 15, the datewhen we’ll announce our decision regarding the format of fall semester.

As always, you will continue to have the opportunity to revise your course selections before the beginning of term as more information becomes available.

I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work on the optimum plan for fall, as always with your best interests at the heart of our decision-making.


Jeff Dayton-Johnson
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Institute