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Middlebury political scientists Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson analyze the presidential primaries.

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Professor Pundits: Pivoting Toward the General Election [video]

April 27, 2016

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – With the so-called “Acela Primaries” completed–a sweep for Donald Trump and four out of five for Hillary Clinton–the likely nominees have strengthened their positions dramatically. What role does this leave for Bernie Sanders, who has nearly no chance at receiving the nomination?

In this installment of Professor Pundits, Middlebury political scientists Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson discuss Sanders’s future as well as the role that Trump and Clinton’s historically low favorability ratings may play in the general election.

Dickinson writes the blog Presidential Power and is frequently quoted in the national news media. He often live tweets political events at @MattDickinson44. Johnson, also a regular in the national media, tweets at @bnjohns.

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