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Jeffrey Cason

Study Abroad, Latin American Politics

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Schools, Knox Professor of International Studies and Politics

 work(802) 443-5404

Topics he can discuss include:


  • Study Abroad programs
  • Latin American political economy
  • Political economy of integration
  • Brazilian politics


Video Clip

Video: Trends in Study Abroad (1:43)

About Jeffrey Cason

Jeff Cason is a professor of political science and dean of International Programs at Middlebury College. He joined the faculty in 1994 and teaches courses on international studies, development and democracy and Latin American politics in both English and Spanish.

His current research focuses on the political economy of South American integration and recent efforts to cooperate among the Southern Cone countries (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and Brazil. His research investigates the changing interests and political activities of significant figures, particularly key segments of business and the organized labor movement. More recently, his work has focused on Brazilian politics, including elections and foreign policy.

Recent publications include “Development and Democracy: New Perspectives on an Old Debate,” published in 2003 by University Press of New England and co-edited by Sunder Ramaswamy, a professor of economics at Middlebury College.

Cason graduated from Earlham College and received his master’s and doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.