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James Calvin Davis

Contemporary Moral Issues, Religion in American Politics

Professor of Religion

 work(802) 443-3221



Topics he can discuss include:
  • Religion in contemporary American politics
  • "Church and state" and the first amendment
  • Christian perspectives on current ethical issues (e.g., war, same-sex marriage, abortion)
  • Civility in American public debate
About James Calvin Davis

James Calvin Davis is a professor of religion at Middlebury College. He joined the faculty in 2001 and teaches courses on ethics, American religious history, and Christian thought.

His main interests include religion in the public square, church-state issues, the Puritan legacy in American culture, and contemporary bioethical debates.

He is the author of the book "In Defense of Civility: How Religion Can Unite America on Seven Issues that Divide Us" (Westminster John Knox Press, 2010), which highlights the potential that religious perspectives hold for enriching both the content and civility of public conversation.

An expert on the earliest American pioneer for religious freedom, Roger Williams, he is also the author of "The Moral Theology of Roger Williams: Christian Conviction and Public Ethics" and editor of "On Religious Liberty: Selections from the Works of Roger Williams."