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Rebecca Gould

Religion and the Environment

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies

 work(802) 443-2548

Topics she can discuss include:
  • Eco-theology
  • Religion-based environmental activism
  • Eco-Judaism
About Rebecca Gould

Rebecca Gould is senior lecturer in environmental studies at Middlebury College. She joined the faculty in 1998 and teaches courses on religion and ecology, nature's meanings in American culture, simplicity movements, and American religious history.

Her current research involves religion and the environment, from eco-theology to studies of contemporary, religiously-based environmental activism among Protestants, Catholics and Jews, with a particular emphasis on eco-Judaism.

Publications include "At Home in Nature," about the spiritual dimensions of both modern and 19th century back-to-the land movements. She is also on the board of two national movements, Tack Back Your Time and The Simplicity Forum. She has done interviews with the Washington Post, E-Magazine and Vermont Public Radio.

She is a co-producer of the 2012 film "The Fire Inside: Place, Passion and the Primacy of Nature," about people's connections between their spiritual lives and their commitment to environmental action.

Gould graduated from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, and Emmanuel College at Cambridge University. She received her master's degree from Emory University and an additional Masters degree and doctorate from Harvard University.