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Tamar Mayer

Uighur Identity, Jewish and Palestinian Nationalism

Professor of Geography

 work(802) 443-5568



Topics she can discuss include:
  • Uighur identity
  • Xinjiang Province, China
  • Construction of national identity
  • Middle East politics
  • Jewish and Palestinian nationalism
  • Gender and nationalism
  • Terrorism
About Tamar Mayer

Professor of Geography and the director of the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs and the Program in International and Global Studies at Middlebury College. She joined the faculty in 1985 and teaches courses on the Middle East, terrorism, development and the environment.

Her research interests focus on the interplay among nationalism, landscape, and memory.  She also has a focus on Xinjiang, China, where she studies Uighur identity.

Mayer is the editor of Women and the Israeli Occupation: The Politics of Change (Routledge 1994); Gender Ironies of Nationalism: Sexism the Nation (Routledge 2000); with Suleiman Mourad Jerusalem: Idea and Reality (Routledge 2008); with Catherine Ashcraft The Politics of Fresh Water: Access, Conflict, and Identity (Routledge 2017); and with Sujata Moorti and Jamie McCallum The Crisis of Global Youth Unemployment (Routledge 2019).  

A native of Israel, Mayer graduated from University of Haifa in Israel, and received her master's and doctorate from University of Wisconsin in Madison.