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Caitlin Knowles Myers

Reproductive Policy, Teen Childbearing, Gender and the Economy, Economics of Discrimination

Associate Professor of Economics

 work(802) 443-5985

Topics she can discuss include:

  • Reproductive policy 
  • Teen childbearing
  • Gender and the economy
  • Economics of discrimination

About Caitlin Knowles Myers

Caitlin Knowles Myers is an associate professor of economics at Middlebury College and a research fellow with the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany. She teaches courses on empirical methods, reproductive policy, urban economics, labor economics, and the economics of discrimination.

Myers’ research has focused on issues related to gender, race, and the economy. Her work has been published in scholarly journals including the Journal of Political EconomyJournal of Labor Economics, Journal of Human Resources, and Journal of Public Economics, and has been featured by media outlets such as the New York TimesNPR, Slate, The Financial Times, and MSNBC. Professor Myers' current research examines the social and economic effects of policies governing young women’s access to reproductive control.

Myers graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans and received her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. She joined the Middlebury faculty in 2005.

Caitlin Myers in the news:

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