Reporting COVID-19 Test Results

Report positive COVID-19 antigen, PCR or LAMP test results through the COVID-19 Test Result form

Isolation Period Requirements 

In accordance with CDC guidance, isolation, in-room recovery, or recovery at home or another off-campus location will normally last five full days, ending on the morning of the sixth day (Day 0 being the date an individual tests for COVID-19 or when symptoms began). However, some individuals may require additional time for recovery, depending on the course of their symptoms.

During the isolation period, students must remain in their room with the door closed at all times except to engage in personal hygiene activities in the bathroom, pick up meals, or seek medical attention. They must wear a well-fitted, high quality mask when they leave their room to use the bathroom (or pick up a meal), except when showering or brushing their teeth, and they must maintain physical distance from others to the greatest extent possible.

Students must remain in in-room recovery, or recovery at another location, as applicable, until they meet the criteria below.

  • Five full days have passed (Day 6) since their COVID-19 symptoms first appeared (or since the day they took the COVID-19 test that came back positive if they are without symptoms), and:

    • They have had no fever (100.4F or greater) in the past 24 hours without fever-reducing medications AND their symptoms have resolved or significantly improved (with the exception of altered taste or smell which can extend beyond Day 6).

    • They wear a well-fitted, high quality mask around others and continue to get grab-and-go meals for a full 10 days after their Day 0. See also CDC guidance regarding when individuals should remove their mask. 

If your COVID-19 symptoms recur or worsen after you have ended isolation, restart your isolation at Day 0 and contact Health Services. 

Identify and Notify Close Contacts

Identify and notify individuals with whom you have been in close contact during your infectious period. “Close contact” means being within six feet, for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, of someone with COVID-19 while they are contagious. You can be contagious two days before your symptoms begin and until you are recovered. More information for close contact procedures can be found here: Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Resources While in Room Recovery

Many campus resources remain available remotely during this time including Counseling, Health Services, and class deans. You may find these tips from Middlebury Health and Wellness Education for managing COVID-19 in-room recovery helpful.

If you are feeling unwell and would like to consult with a medical provider, contact Health Services at 802-443-3290 during business hours or TimelyCare 24/7.

Students in in-room recovery may leave their rooms to pick up grab-and-go meals in the dining halls. These trips to the dining hall should be quick, and no food may be consumed in the dining hall. Students in in-room recovery must wear a high-quality mask (available at the dining hall check in) to enter.