In preparation for returning to campus, students must do the following:

  • Review and update their illness, isolation, and evacuation plans.
  • Bring with them supplies to care for themselves if they get sick (with COVID-19 or other seasonal illnesses). A thermometer is important as well as fever and pain reducing medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. 
  • Have a plan to isolate off campus in a safe location within driving distance if possible.
  • Make sure that their evacuation plans and emergency contacts are up-to-date in Banner in the unlikely event that illness severity increases to the point that a campus evacuation becomes necessary.

All students are required to have a personal evacuation plan on file. It is essential that you immediately create one if you have not done so, or review and update your plan if you already have one. If an evacuation becomes necessary, you will be expected to implement your plan.

Students are also required to provide up-to-date emergency contact information. Updates to existing evacuation plans and emergency contacts may be made by logging into BannerWeb and selecting the Personal Information tab. Incoming new students can enter this information via the prearrival checklist process shared by the orientation team.