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  1. Fall 2020Students

    Weekly Update: Prearrival and Move-in Procedures

    | by Derek Doucet

    As we prepare for the reopening of our Vermont campus in August, I write to share some essential information about what students need to do to prepare and what they can expect when they arrive. While most of the information in this Weekly Update applies to students, it is important that our entire community understands some of the protocols and procedures we have in place for travel, testing, quarantine, and move-in. 

  2. FacultyFall 2020StaffStudents

    Weekly Update: Return to Campus Guide and Website

    | by Derek Doucet, Sujata Moorti, and Karen Miller

    We are writing to inform you that the Middlebury 2020-21 website, which provides detailed descriptions of our phased return to the Vermont campus, is now live. As we prepare to bring our community together again during this unusual time, we continue to monitor conditions across the nation and locally, and we will adjust the website’s content as needed. It is crucial that each and every member of our community be prepared for a very different fall semester and year ahead. This website will be an essential resource.

  3. FacultyFall 2020StaffStudents

    Weekly Update: Return to Campus Preview

    | by Laurie L Patton

    As I know you are aware, news reports of the past few days and weeks have underscored the significant challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, as cases continue to climb at a rapid pace throughout the United States, affecting people of all ages. While these spikes are particularly prevalent in populous states where restrictions were less stringent or eased more quickly than in Vermont, they are not limited to those areas. As a global community, Middlebury is not immune to these challenges, even on our rural campus in Vermont.

  4. FacultyFall 2020StaffStudents

    Fall 2020 Weekly Update

    | by Laurie L Patton

    I write with a brief update before the weekend, following up on the June 22 announcement about Middlebury’s plans for the fall semester. This is the first of the weekly updates we will be sending you throughout the summer to keep you informed of our progress.

  5. FacultyFall 2020StaffStudents

    Initial Decisions about the Fall Semester

    | by Laurie L Patton

    I write to share the much-anticipated news of our decision to move forward with reopening for the fall semester. While this fall will look much different than at any time in our history, I am grateful that we will be able to come together again in a way that upholds educational opportunity while maximizing the health and safety of the entire Middlebury community.